Once again, we deliver some of the fruit of our great cities loins. Violet systems, hot off an EP release (which you can find over at http://violetsystems.bandcamp.com), wheels through 45 minutes of juke/footwork.

Teddman – Human Language
Guchon – Six Horns
Heavee – 8 Bit Shit
Traxman – Work Dis MF 2014
Naphta – 160 Stars
Traxman – I Wish
RP Boo – Dynamic Barbarian
Violet Systems – Behind Bars
Crosslocke – After Sunlight
DJ Fulltono- Do Do Da Da
Londy – Jack’s Groove
Lttle phnx – Ethiopian Opal (Violet Systems Remix)
FLP – Moonrock Bounce
Jonny 5 – Trill